The Must Have “Mini-Skills” To Becoming A Millionaire

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Listen up! Of course you want to be a millionaire (how about a billionaire?)!  Who doesn’t? But do you have the skills that it takes to get there? Obviously there is some reason that some people are millionaires and some are not. It is not necessarily the skills that you already possess. Perhaps some seem super far fetched. But why not try to adopt them and get on board. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and educate yourself with these “milli-skills”.


If you like it or not, sales is a humongous force in our world. Think about it, that is how we make money. We are always selling something. Even if you do not love sales, you have to be willing to learn sales and have an understanding of it.


Right alongside sales, is marketing. Equally as important, you have to market yourself and create a brand. Don’t just provide marketing for your products, you are the face and who you want consumers to trust. Be clear and concise with your mission and advertise it out loud!


Now with your amazing sales skills and marketing, don’t you think some fantastic communication is needed? It sure is. With today’s technology, there is no reason not to communicate nonstop to allow your business to prosper. Every form of communication is a stepping stone that forms a ladder to success. You will make your brand well known through communication. Building on your communication will elaborate your business and success.

Money Responsible

The only possible way to make millions is to have respect for each and every dollar. Learn to take care of a small amount of money and then you should have no problem when dealing with loads of cash. Start now by balancing your account daily (even if it is just in your head). You have to be equipped to think of dollar signs at every waking moment. You have to be free of money fears.

Emotional Genius

If you have no problem dealing with your own emotions and tons of other people’s emotions then you might just be an emotional genius. You really have to be able to dive in and work with people’s emotional strengths and weaknesses. It’s part of the “game”. It’s not just about having money and ideas, it’s about caring as well.

Get Organized

This can’t make more sense than it already does. If you are organized OR get organized, then you will have a much easier time working in situations that are, let’s say, not so organized. Perhaps different types of work environments. You must be able to adapt easily and decision making will work accordingly.

Time Sensitive

List your priorities folks! Since we were little kids, we have made To-Do lists and put the most important To-Do’s on top. Listen to you inner-child and prioritize. Focus, focus, focus. Do what absolutely cannot wait first, then move on. Sure you will multi-task, but decide what can wait and what needs your undivided attention at the moment. Learn to manage your time.


Always network and never stop. Network in your sleep. Every contact and every employee is a person in your network. You will all get things done, alone and together. Relationships are key for business and success. But don’t just rely on your contacts, they have to be able to rely on you as well. Networking works both ways. So don’t be a one-way street. Keep both sides moving.

Take these “milli-skills” and put them into play. Get on board to living your dream with much success. But don’t get too caught up in the end result. The path you take to get there is even more important than when it actually happens. You will be a better person if you treat each day and every person with the same respect that you desire. Now go and get to work!

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Prostitution in Las Vegas

Undercover Prostitution Arrests on New Year’s Eve In Vegas from Pariente Law Firm, P.C. on Vimeo.


One of the most common types of arrests that you will see in Vegas on big holidays like New Year’s Eve his solicitation or aura of prostitution. Many people come to Vegas thinking that prostitution is legal because of the recent controversy at the MGM Grand properties. It’s true, and arrest for soliciting a prostitute in Las Vegas is only a misdemeanor,.The problem comes in because it is a crime involving moral turpitude and it makes it seem like you have bad character that can go onto haunt you in the future.

Why Outsourced Check Issuing May Be The Best Option To Tackle Payroll

Payroll_tipsMondays, a cold shower, a bad headache. These are a few of the things that can get anyone down. If you are a small business owner, add payroll processing to that list. The only good news is that there are solutions for small business owners to use to avoid the payroll pain. Outsourced check issuing for one has emerged as a viable option for a lot of people in recent years.

Lower Expenses, Fewer Mistakes

When one plays their cards just right, it is possible to get checks issued at a lower cost and with fewer mistakes than in-house processing. Many of the outsourced providers offer additional services such as tax processing. This means that with the right partner, a business owner can solve all of his or her payroll issues all at once.

Outsourced providers take on the burden of getting everything right. They have a legal responsibility to maintain records and ensure that employees receive the correct payments. This takes the burden of potential mistakes off the back of the employer.

Companies That Benefit The Most From Outsourcing Payroll

Undoubtedly, the companies that benefit the most from outsourcing their payroll are those with employees working various amounts of hours. Employers that hire a lot of temporary employees are especially likely to benefit from outsourcing their payroll. High turnover rates are another good reason to consider hiring an outsourced payroll provider. backs this idea up with a quote of their own,

If your company has employees working varying amounts of hours each week or has a significant turnover rate, a payroll service can be a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to internal processing.

They understand that if a company is attempting to process their payroll with constantly fluctuating hours and employees, it probably won’t go well. Outsourced providers on the other hand can handle it quite easily.

Additional Benefits

Those who are still not fully convinced that this is the right measure to take should consider the additional benefits most services provide. For example, most are happy to do direct deposit for their clients. They are also likely to send out all of the necessary 1099 and W-2 forms and the like. This is what converts many into believers in the outsourced payroll system.