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Can police force force me to take a polygraph test?

Can police induce me to receive a polygraph test?


The one who is questioning it through that polygraph works for police activites it?s another detective another police office or another police officer who?s questioning you and many times they?re not even certified to offer polygraph examinations. This is an additional technique they to continue to enable you to get to create a false statement. You won’t ever pass that polygraph even when you?re one hundred percent innocent!


A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer explains for your requirements why it is always a slip taking a polygraph test. Sometimes the supervise officers who which might be administering the tester not even qualified to make use of the apparatus and as such cannot determine an exact reading.


If you have been asked to result from the station to elucidate your side of the story, please remember to not get the polygraphs test because it never is in the advantage. So call why detectors are not even accurate with today’s technology simply your nervousness alone is enough to trigger you guys being a liar.


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